Apr 15

Women’s Strength & Empowerment Weekend Day 2

Family & F.I.T.  |  Debbie Hatch   My second day at the Girls Gone Strong, Women’s Strength & Empowerment Weekend, in Kirkland, Washington, started early.  I got up at 6 so that I would have time to brush my teeth, get dressed, grab a handful of strawberries on my way out the door, and meet …

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Apr 15

Women’s Strength & Empowerment Weekend Day 1

Family & F.I.T.  |  Debbie Hatch   I’m in Kirkland, Washington at the Girls Gone Strong event: Women’s Strength & Empowerment Weekend. I try to attend one personal and one professional development event each year. I love to teach but, equally, I love to learn.   It’s been incredible: Seeing old friends and meeting new …

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Mar 09

Don’t Follow “All of the Rules”

Family & F.I.T.  |  Debbie Hatch      I received an email a few days ago from a woman desperate for help.  She’s continued to gain weight and is incredibly frustrated.  She feels trapped.  It occurred to me that the response I sent her might also be of value to other people so I want …

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Jan 11

Making Work More Healthy

Debbie Hatch |  Family & F.I.T. I travel a couple hundred days every year.  Occasionally on road trips but more typically by plane.   Yesterday I flew from DC to Los Angeles.  Many people ask how it’s possible to stay fit with so much travel.   Know what, though?  I don’t think it’s harder for me …

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Jan 10

More Than Just a Body

Debbie Hatch  |  Family & F.I.T.  I’m sharing this with my daughter’s permission.  We’ve been talking a lot about goals for the coming year.   Professional. Educational.  Personal. Health – body, mind, and soul.   These are Jessica’s thoughts about her health goal and I couldn’t be more proud:  about her statement, her feelings, her …

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Jan 06

What’s Your Nutritional Plan?

Debbie Hatch  |  Family & F.I.T.   Between posting my dive photo for #GGSFlawless, yesterday, and a question asked in one of the forums I follow. “What nutrition plan does everybody follow?” I’ve been thinking a lot about nutritional habits.   I’ve written down everything I eat for as long as I can remember. I …

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Jan 05

My Body. My Business.

Debbie Hatch  |  Family & F.I.T. I am sharing this photo and personal message because Molly’s article spoke directly to my heart this morning. I believe all of this.  I stand with the 10 women in the article, and the hundreds more who are coming online with #GGSFlawless   When I was a young girl, …

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Dec 31

Was 2016 (Really) “The Worst Year Ever?”

Family & F.I.T.  |  Debbie Hatch   This is not a blog about politics.  It is not about socio/economic affairs.  It is not a debate.  This blog is about resiliency, reality, and mindset.   Let me ask you this:  What does your FB feed look like right now? Mine is (has been for the past …

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Dec 18

What Season are You In?

Family & F.I.T.  |  Debbie Hatch   This picture, like the audio file, has not been edited, touched up, or filtered. They’re both just me. The way I look (after a 90 minute hot yoga class, anyway). The things I think about. I’m not crazy about the fact that the banner shows only my eyes, …

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Nov 23

Thriving Throughout the Holidays

Family & F.I.T.  |  Debbie Hatch   I wrote Part I of this blog on Monday.  It discussed why people worry about “Surviving the Holidays”, and some of the misinformation accompanying that madness from the diet industry.  You can find it here. Today, in Part II, I’d like to give you my Top 10, plus …

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