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Debbie Hatch |  Family & F.I.T.

I travel a couple hundred days every year.  Occasionally on road trips but more typically by plane.


Yesterday I flew from DC to Los Angeles.  Many people ask how it’s possible to stay fit with so much travel.


Know what, though?  I don’t think it’s harder for me than it is for anyone else.


While my commute might look a little different than yours; while I might get on a plane rather than sit in a car in traffic; while I might work with different people every day in a different location, it’s still “just a Monday morning work day”.


The way I stay fit – and the way you do – is to make myself a priority.  I schedule workouts on my calendar just like I do appointments with my clients.  I keep that commitment.


I keep things as easy as possible.  I’m not interested in a short term “fix”.  I want to be healthy for the rest of my life.


We need to take care of ourselves in order to do good work.


  • I got to the airport early and walked two miles.  Could you add in some time to walk “at work”?  Before?  After?
  • I don’t sit until I’m on the plane.  Do you have the ability to stand up at work a little more than you do now?
  • I drank a bottle of water while waiting.  Adding more water is something we can (and should) all do.  Have a glass before breakfast.  Have one before coffee.  Have one with each meal.  Have one before bed.



I brought snacks and lunch in my bag, merely because I like to be in control of what I eat – vice being at the mercy of the airline.

I adore the fact that airports are offering more healthy choices. Reagan International has fruit – and even a washing station.


Does your work center offer healthy options?  If not, can you bring something in your purse or briefcase?




Lunch on the cross-country flight was a salad from Whole Foods Market, including turkey and egg whites to cover my protein requirements.  And…yup,  water.


I have a bottle before I board the flight, during every lay over, and on each flight.





Staying fit, no matter what your job or life commitments might be, is not complicated.  That’s not to say it’s easy.  But it is simple.


Some suggestions include:


  • Plan your meals for the week – at least some of them.
  • Shop on the weekend – and do some prep work so you’re ready to go on that Tuesday night when you get out of work late and life is crazy.
  • Keep fresh fruits and veggies in your fridge (for me, it’s the mini fridge but, again……otherwise, the same.)
  • Drink water.
  • Have some protein at every meal.
  • You definitely don’t need to live on salads but you should eat a few servings of veggies, every day.
  • Set time to get to the gym (or to walk, attend an exercise class, do yoga, dance, or whatever you like) 3-4 times a week.  Then keep that appointment.
  • Read your  labels and know what one serving is – many times it is not one whole container.
  • Stop eating when you’re full – you are under no obligation to eat everything on your plate.
  • Plan ahead and have some healthy choices in your desk, or for that marathon meeting.
  • Take the stairs vs the elevator.

Healthy employees are more productive too. It’s refreshing to see many work centers focusing a little more on employee health and wellness.


Can you think of any other ways you might make your workday a little more healthy?  I’d love to hear them.


  1. inspiring indeed. i am lagging in this goal still – but looking at what you do inspires me to try harder.thanks for the tips

    1. The key is to keep trying. Change just one little thing at a time. Let that settle in for a while and then change one other thing. Most people try to change everything all at once – that doesn’t work. Let me know if I can help n any way.

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