Apr 30

We Believe Things Because We’re Scared. Breast Cancer Shouldn’t Be Your Biggest Concern.

“Imagine you’re sitting in a restaurant and someone at the table next to you collapses on the floor with a heart attack.  You call 911 and immediately start CPR but in vain.  The paramedics cover the body with a tablecloth and you drive home silently thinking of the suddenness of it all.  In your mind, …

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May 25

Just Say, “No”. I Don’t Want to Take the Medicine.

Family & F.I.T.  |  Debbe Hatch Yes, I’m sharing my own personal medical results.  That’s my prerogative.     I am not looking for advice, nor am I giving any.  This is my personal experience.  If it helps you, great.  If it’s just an interesting story (or rant) for you, great.  I have no ulterior motive …

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Feb 25

Why Can’t We be Honest with Ourselves?

Family & F.I.T.  |  Debbie Hatch I don’t buy into or share much of the “motivational” mumbo jumbo online. There are so many, they become irrelevant. They’re too simplistic and frequently little snippets taken completely out of context. We like them.  They fill us with an emotion but don’t cause us to do anything.   Is …

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Jan 04

5 Actionable Steps for New Year Goals

Family & FIT  |  Debbie Hatch I’m a little late posting here.  I shared the information on Facebook back on December 31st.  It’s still – come one, we’re only 4 days into the new year – incredibly relevant.  I want to preserve it for the long term.  So…here goes. It’s here. December 31st. That magical day …

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Sep 30

False Assumptions and Rainbows

  Family & F.I.T.  |  Debbie Hatch I’d like to talk for a minute about false assumptions and rainbows.     FACTS:  I’m a personal trainer.                  I’m certified in nutrition.                I’m pretty good at what I’ll call “bull-dogging”     …

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Jul 21

Strangers Aren’t the Ones we Need to Fear Most

Family & F.I.T.  |  Debbie Hatch If you have been or are currently in a domestic violence situation, this message comes with a trigger warning.     Other than that… I am not going to sugar-coat this. I am not going to try to word it tactfully. I am not going to apologize if this …

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Jul 11

People who Workout Frequently are Still Just People

Debbie Hatch  |  Family & F.I.T. The recent move to Nebraska is #19 for me.  I have an affinity for that number (Ka) so that’s cool.  We’ll have at least one, maybe two, more moves before we settle into a “forever home”.  There have been a lot of transitions for this small town, Maine girl, …

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Jun 09

What Do You Do When Life is Insane?

Family & F.I.T.  |  Debbie Hatch   Things are about to get (more) insane around here. My kids and grandchildren are all traveling to my house over the next 36 hours. We’ll have 6 adults and 5 kids. It will be loud and chaotic. It will be crazy. It will be amazing. I’ll be knee …

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Jun 03

Alpha Maiden for the Month of June

Family & F.I.T.  |  Debbie Hatch   My friend, Jordan, hosts a site designed to inspire, support, and empower women. She puts it this way:   Alpha Maiden‘s Mission is to empower women to become physically strong, mentally tough and to develop the skills and tactics to stay safe.   Jordan asked me to be her …

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May 21

Action Begets Action

Family & F.I.T.  |  Debbie Hatch Is there something you dread preparing for, but actually love, once you’re “doing” it?   I’m currently updating my behavioral profile and organizational leadership course. I’ll be presenting this in a few weeks. Every time a customer asks me to teach this class, I groan. Ugh. Not that…..   …

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