How Can I Help You?

Every one of my programs has a foundation in FITness.  In fact, it’s because I have a fitness triad that my tagline is Fitness & Inspiration Together.


MPI Level I



My #1 priority is the MINDSET piece.  

“Mindset Mostly”

I am a Certified Mindset Specialist, Level I, through Mindset Performance Institute.  I just completed Level 2 and am waiting on my certificate.

I believe in fostering positive body image for every body shape and size. I believe in moderation.

Fit HIPS is about Helping Inspire People’s Self-Confidence.







And, just so you know, mindset is NOT about always being positive!!

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My #2 priority is FIT NUTRITION.

  • No gimmicks. No miracle products. No crazy diets. No banned foods.
  • Our recipes help you find Food that Is Tasty (and good for you)!
  • I am certified in Nutrition, Level 1, through Precision Nutrition & Sports Nutrition, through the International Sports Sciences Association


My #3 priority is FITting EXERCISE in.   NCEP

  • You don’t need to spend hours in the gym every day.
  • Here we’ll Focus on taking care of ourselves, Implementing movement into our daily lives & Triumphing over our excuses.
  • I am a certified Holistic Personal Trainer and faculty member with the National College of Exercise Professionals

In short, Family & FIT is here to help you meet all of your goals.

Mindset     *     Nutrition     *     Movement

FOCUS, first
.  What are you struggling with?  What are you trying to achieve?  Got it?  Great.  Let’s design a plan to get you there.  That’s what I do.

*  I work with people on establishing proper nutritional habits.  Not “what” to eat but “how” to eat without expiration.  Nutrition is for life, not a period of time.  There’s always a beginning date with the plans I write but there is no ending date.

*  I work with people on establishing exercise as part of their lifestyles.  Life is movement!  Use it or lose it is a real thing!

*  I work with people on establishing positive mindset.  The non-scale victories are my very favorite.

Then IMPLEMENT your changes.  I’ll be there with you, teaching you, guiding you, supporting you but the journey is yours.  You’ll need to commit to doing the work.

TRIUMP is the result of action! 

********  Please hit the “Contact Me” tab and let’s talk about your possibilities!  We can start with a 30 minute Skype session to discuss your personal concerns and how best to proceed.  This is $24.99

The website is new.  The services aren’t.