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My name is Debbie Hatch.

I’m so glad you stopped by!! Let me tell you a little bit about who I am and what I do.  I am a health and fitness enthusiast, coach, competitor, and road-warrior extraordinaire. At 59 years old, in addition to managing two businesses, and spending more than 200 days a year on the road, I love lifting weights, riding my motorcycle, doing yoga, hiking, dancing with my grandchildren and everything in between. I have competed in a number of figure competitions with both NPC and PNBA, and am now a competitive power lifter (USA, USPA, USAPL).

I’ve heard people describe me as fearless but that title could not be further from the truth.

I am scared – frequently. I question my abilities – constantly.

I am a survivor of sexual, emotional, and physical abuse.  I was the person who broke the cycle.  I have struggled with self-confidence and shame my ENTIRE life. I struggle to feel good enough – in my skin, in my head, in this world – to feel like I’m “worth it”.

I am not fearless, but I am (physically and emotionally) strong. I am resilient. I absolutely refuse to be a bystander in my own life and I don’t  think you should be either.

I won’t feel sympathy for what you’ve been through.

I won’t take your pain but I will stand beside you.  I will share your walk.

I created Family & FIT because I am obsessively passionate about coaching possibilities and helping others learn to help themselves.  I would love to help you see that you are stronger, and smarter, and more capable than you give yourself credit for.  I am a certified holistic personal trainer, and faculty member, of the National College of Exercise Professionals. I’ve complimented that with additional certifications through Precision Nutrition and The International Sports Sciences Association.  I am a Certified Mindset Specialist, MPI-1.


I post nutrition, exercise, fitness, and travel tips on this page but my priority is mindset. I coach people on life, possibilities, mindset, health and fitness.

Interview with Alpha Maiden

I know it’s difficult to stay healthy when life’s responsibilities get in the way. My challenges include professional pursuits and excessive travel. Yours may include those things, be raising children, going to school, working on a tough career, health challenges, or any other number of things.  We all have something!

It can be difficult to find the time to take care of yourself but doing so is absolutely critical!

YOU can’t be an after thought.

We are an online community that helps people learn how to become healthier in their every day lives. I like to say, “staying healthy throughout and in spite of life”.

It doesn’t matter what you weigh or how fit or unfit you may be.  Here, you are so much more than a body.

We are all part of an e-family and just like a “real” family, we support each other.

I was at a crossroads in 2014.  I had an opportunity to specialize in coaching and working with figure/bikini competitors, or I could continue working with the general population.

I choose to follow my heart.

My passion is not in getting people super lean, but in empowering them to get healthy and fit!

For that reason, every one of my programs has a foundation in FITness.  In fact, I have three priorities to meld Fitness & Inspiration Together.

Our #1 priority is the MINDSET piece.

  • Fit HIPS is about Helping Inspire People’s Self-Confidence.
  • We believe in fostering positive body image for every body shape and size. We believe in moderation.

Our #2 priority is FIT NUTRITION.

  • No gimmicks. No miracle products. No crazy diets. No banned foods.
  • Our recipes help you find Food that Is Tasty (and good for you)!

Our #3 priority is FITting EXERCISE in.

  • You don’t need to spend hours in the gym every day.
  • Here we Focus on taking care of ourselves, Implementing movement into our daily lives & Triumphing over our excuses.

Family & FIT is here to help you meet your goals.

Positive mindset     *     Healthy nutrition     *     Physical fitness.

Things I believe in supporting:

I donate to Speak Your Silence, which provides counseling to sessions to victims of abuse. I don’t go anywhere without my Road ID. I travel a lot – by myself. This tells anyone my blood type, allergies, and who to contact in case of emergency.


I believe that all women should learn to protect themselves physically, and contribute to a scholarship for those unable to pay for training.  I believe in new studies that show exercise (specifically boxing and cycling) has a positive effect on those afflicted with Parkinson’s and support Dopamind.org in their fight.  I believe we are much more than    “just” our bodies.  We have hopes, dreams and aspirations.  We have families and responsibilities.  Girls Gone Strong is an organization that also believes in these things.

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