Striving for Balance

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In quiet times I always have these ideas of putting together exercise or travel videos for you.  I plan to get back into the kitchen and share more of my quick, easy, nutritious recipes.  Yet, every time I sit at the computer in some hotel, in some new town, to actually write, it’s mindset that comes pouring out.


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Jon’s message really resonates with me!!

To be honest, I’m fine. I’m doing {absolutely, positively} okay with everything!

…but not truly great with anything.

There are just too many things to give my all to any one.

I’m fractured and unfocused.

In fact, I’ve been feeling like a circus performer lately. I’m juggling far too many flaming chainsaws (there’s no time for simple balls or pins here)!!



This month is crazy. It’s too much – for even me.
Before you say, “but you always take on too much, Debbie”, yes, that’s true but this isn’t that.

11904119_10205864217337111_1060809025948785551_nThis is not what I had planned and it’s not a result of me just taking on a lot.  This customer hired me and only after
the contract was signed, did I find out the classes would be spread out over the entire state. Teaching all day and driving 3-5 hours after class to complete an hour or two of work before bed is not a whole lot of fun.

But…the situation happened and it has to be dealt with. Fact is, sometimes life gets crazy busy.

In two weeks, I have another situation. I’ll teach in one place Monday through Wednesday and then race to the airport, hoping not to miss my flight. I’ll get to my hotel around 2 in the morning and get up at 530 to prep for two days of training.

Again, not my intent, my plan, nor what I voluntarily signed up to do.  That is because of a scheduling error that I can’t fix.  I’ll have to deal with it.


The tide has gone out.  The things that truly matter have been pushed to the back burner.  It happens.


I spend a lot of time working with my clients on striving for balance. It’s hard. Life gets messy.

But, I practice what I preach:  I STRIVE for balance.

Sometimes I’m successful. 🙂
Sometimes I’m just a woman struggling to find my way.
Sometimes the sense of overwhelm and a deep-seeded fear of dropping one of these things on my head can become almost crippling.

Sometimes I have to jump and trust that my parachute will deploy on the way down.

Sometime I feel like I have very little control over my life.

Sometimes I think we all do….


I’ve received a couple of messages from friends recently expressing concern about me “being down on myself”. Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 8.46.43 PMThank you!! Thank you so much. I love you for that!!!!!

I’m NOT down on myself.  I’m tired but I feel no differently than I ever have.

Here’s the difference:  I am now openly sharing and talking about the feelings I’ve always had.  I’m letting you glimpse behind the mask.

and, wow……

Vulnerability is hard for me!!  It’s frightening to “put it all out there” but I know if I hide, at best I’ll help myself.

If I share the fact that I – little miss sunshine, full of positive energy and optimism – also struggle sometimes, maybe I can help you too.  At least you might see that it happens to all of us: not just you.

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