Sep 01

Nothing on my Face Except Life

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 2.18.36 PMDebbie Hatch | Family & F.I.T.

Have you seen these posts on Facebook?  I’ve seen three of them in the past three days.  First, Kate Winslet, then Scarlett Johansson and this morning, Julia Roberts.  None of them were actually posted by the actresses mentioned.    It’s maddening!!  With algorithms determining what is and isn’t seen by readers of our FB pages, any traffic IS traffic. Good.  Bad.  Positive.  Negative.  It doesn’t matter.


Well, here’s the thing.  I think it’s a critically important message.  I think it needs to be said!  I think, if these actresses didn’t actually say it, they need to.

Beauty products alone (not counting surgery, supplements, and miscellaneous “miracle” fixes) are a multi-billion dollar industry. We’re always (females especially) trying to fix this, hide that, or change something else.

We may have done amazing things with our lives. Made incredible contributions. We may have changed others lives.  Hell, we may have given birth to new lives, yet we worry most about a new wrinkle, another grey hair, or the additional 5 pounds.

We buy into the perfect photos staring at us from magazine pages.11947556_1069913196360323_5088249956850635747_n

It’s not real.  I’ve met several of the girls in my magazines. They’re beautiful, yes, but they do NOT look the way they do inside the magazine.



To be completely honest, I’ve struggled (more…) with self-image as I’ve aged.

It’s hard.

It’s sometimes humbling

I want to be in the same shape and look the same as I did when I was a young woman. Yet, here’s the fact. I am not 23.  I am 51.  I have experienced so much.


I need to remind myself that it is LIFE reflected on this face. Nothing more and definitely nothing less!!!!


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