International Quit Your New Year’s Resolutions Day

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I just sent my weekly message to the Family & FIT eFamily. I normally reserve those messages specifically for the people who have taken the time to sign up for them


Today, though, I’m making an exception to that “rule”. Today, I want to share a synopsis of that message here too.

It was just two weeks ago, the world seemed full of promise and hope. Everyone had enjoyed their last excess on January 2 and 3. The refrigerator was stocked with “better” food. The last cigarette or drink had been had. The gym membership was purchased – or at the very least, the intent to “exercise more” had been set. Fitbits and similar monitoring devices were being sported everywhere, and it seemed, by everyone!

We were, collectively, ready to “make 2016 the best year, yet!!”

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Today, two weeks into the year, is International Ditch Your New Year’s Resolutions Day. calls it a “fun holiday” and under their synopsis, it reads: “Ditch those resolutions, relax and stop feeling guilty about breaking them. After all, resolutions are meant to be broken.” I’m not big on resolutions per se, BUT setting intentions is vital. Establishing goals is so important.

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Yet, here we are. As of today (per and several like websites), 29% of people have already given up. Another 7-10% will quit before the end of the month. Here’s another sobering statistic: while 39% of people in their twenties actually achieve their resolutions each year, only 14% of people over 50 are successful.



I may not be representative of the “average” 52 year old woman but…I absolutely refuse to give up on myself. Not in these first two weeks. Not in this year. Not in this life. I also don’t think that you should!! Male or female. 20 or 60. I am more tenacious now than I have ever been, and I have a much better idea of what I want from my life.

It bothers me when people, regardless of age or what the goal was, just give up on themselves. It bothers people, sometimes, when I say that. They get frustrated and retort, “Well, I (frequently accompanied by “especially at my age”) should be able to enjoy life!”



I agree!!!!!

You should.

I should.

We should.

Whether we are 18 or 81, we should enjoy life.




But….when did “enjoying life” become gorging on food until we are uncomfortably stuffed? When did “enjoying life” become letting ourselves go to the point that we have trouble with everyday activities? When did “enjoying life” become just giving up?

Every thing we choose to do, or not do, has some kind of impact on our lives. Each of us decides how much of that we are okay with, and how much we will tolerate before we decide to do something else.

I’d like to quote Lisa Bullock, another kick-ass 50+ year old trainer/coach, I had the pleasure of speaking with the other day. “While I have a passion for both, I do realize that other women my age may not be interested in boxing or lifting heavy weights. Who doesn’t want to be able to get out of chair by themselves, though? Who doesn’t want to be able to lift their arms high enough to do up their own bra strap? Who doesn’t want to be able to bend down and pick something up? Or garden. Or play with their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.”

WE make ourselves immobile, life doesn’t.

Ponder on these things for a few minutes.
Pull yourself together.
Decide what you actually want from life (not what somebody else might want for you – no matter how loving their intentions) and get back on track to working toward THOSE things!!!!

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