Is “it” Worth it? Only You Can Say.

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Mindset Matters
I talk (a LOT) about mindset​ – specifically about how it impacts our health and fitness. I frequently say, “mindset matters most” and that it impacts all areas of our life. I truly believe that!! That’s why I’ve taken the time, and spent a good deal of money, to get certified in both Levels I and II with the Mindset Performance Institute.
People tune out and hear, “think positive….blah…blah….blah” even though that is not what I’m saying.
Well, here’s today’s mindset example. In my “regular job”, I am an instructor. I teach retirement, benefits, supervisory, and leadership classes. I also get a good deal of work providing consulting services on these topics to individuals/businesses.
I just completed a retirement consultation. I talk about mindset there too. I’m telling you – I believe in this!!! “Planning, financially, for retirement is important but money canNOT be the only thing that drives your life decisions. Quality of life is a factor too.”
So this lady wants to “retire as soon as she possible can” because she “hates her boss” and doesn’t “really enjoy the work she is currently doing.” She’s not interested in lookingScreen Shot 2016-02-06 at 3.20.28 PM for a different job. She is not interested in sitting down and talking to the supervisor, nor in letting him know how she feels. She just wants to “get out. Right now!”
Okay. I understand that feeling. I’ve worked in a few hostile work environments (actually learned a TON in those jobs…) and I haven’t always loved my supervisor, nor the work I was doing. I’ve had weeks when I just wanted to quit and I am NOT a big believer in trading life just for a means to pay the bills, but…
I’m also not a big believer in forgetting about the long term implications of decisions made in haste. From a health and fitness perspective, these are the times that I “don’t feel like exercising” so I just don’t bother…for days, or weeks, or months. The times I am eating for emotional reasons rather than hunger, and I think it’s okay to eat the entire pizza plus have a brownie for dessert, with ice cream, and a gallon of soda to wash it all down. The times I think, “who cares?” Even though, I know full well that I will care tomorrow – but I’m making decisions today. Screw it.  The times when I “have to” lose weight in the next few weeks so I’ll just go on a crash diet, take this fat burner, or starve myself for a little while.  Never mind “health” – who has time for that?  
Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 3.23.11 PM
You know….those kind of decisions.
So, she’s in the mood to make one of those decisions. If this woman retires now, with a penalty for not being fully qualified, she’d receive $2,423 / month.
If she (a) looks for another job within her agency, even a lower paying job and/or (b) learns how to focus on the things she can control vs the things she can’t [like her boss] and she works for just one more year, her pension will be $4,771.46 / month.
At 58, three different life expectancy calculators show her living for another 26 years!!! She’s actually contemplating giving up $297,114.48 over her lifetime because she doesn’t “feel like dealing” with her supervisor. He’s not physically abusive. He’s not emotionally berating her. She just “doesn’t like him”.
The health decision has no less of a dramatic impact!! By making the decision, day-after-day that I don’t like eating healthy and I don’t like exercising, I’m giving up my health. I’m giving up my mobility. I’m giving up an ability to enjoy my older years.  I’m sacrificing my long term for what (doesn’t even…..) makes me happy today.  

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