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I thought I’d try something new today.  A photo-blog complete with creative hashtags (just because).  Let me know what you think of this format.  It was fun for me to put together.

This week’s travel has been unusual for me, for four reasons.

1.  My husband is with me.  I typically travel alone.

2.  We’re driving.  I’m typically on a plane a couple of times a week.

3.  This is for semi-pleasure.  We have work to do for my mother in law who’s turning 90 in a few days, but it’s not a business trip.  I have seen a lot of people posting travel articles recently, making it seem that travel for pleasure and business are the same.  I can tell you – without question or hesitation – they are very different.  #businessisntvacation

4.  This trip showed me how firmly moderation has taken a hold in my life!  #moderationiskey


Yes, I bring food with me.  That’s because I like the choice of what to eat to be MY choice regardless of where we are.  It’s no longer a compulsion.  Years ago I would only eat what I carried with me.  Yes, I try to get in some exercise at least every other day.  That’s because it makes me feel good!  My body appreciates the movement!!  Years ago I could not, would not, miss a workout ever!  #loseextremes


So, on Wednesday morning we packed up the truck and hit the road just after 5.

IMG_7864We took our time driving from Washington DC to Burlington VT.  My road trip cooler staples are:

Various fruit (for this trip that consisted of watermelon, apples, peaches, and blueberries), various veggies (zucchini, corn, carrots, pea pods, tomatoes – and, yes, I do realize those are a fruit), grilled chicken and turkey burgers, homemade soba noodles with chicken, Fiber One cereal, nuts, and protein powder.  Oh, and a couple gallons of water.

Burlington is a great town!  We didn’t go to Ben & Jerry’s, the Cabot Cheese Factory, or any of the many wineries on this particular trip but I refused to skip the Lake Champlain Chocolate factory.  I’ve been telling Brent about this place for a while; it was nice to find that he liked it as much as I do.  Dinner on the lake was a fresh salad with salmon, and local hard cider.  That’s a vegetable, right?  #chocolaterocks #Iluvvermont #localfoods


Thursday was a full day.

I got up at 6 and headed to the hotel gym.  Nope, I don’t have to workout!  I did for several reasons.

1.  I have scoliosis.  Sitting for long periods of time hurts.  My body appreciates the movement.

2.  I had a slight headache on Thursday.  The increased circulation and oxygen helps.

3.  I woke up early and my husband didn’t.  They gym was available.  Why not?


Breakfast (and coffee!!!) on the road.  Is it okay to say we went by the chocolate factory again on the way out of
town?  Yes, we did!!!!  #allaboutthecoffee #workin4alivin


In the picture, you can see that my husband had Mt Dew and donuts.  I chose a Quest bar and water.  Some people pass judgement on these choices.  I’ve been asked, how I can “let” my husband eat this way.  They ask, “Doesn’t it bother you, that he eats that way?”  No, it doesn’t.  He is a grown man. He eats what he wants – as do I.  I help people learn how to make better choices with food.  I teach nutrition and exercise.  I do not judge anyone’s choices – that includes my husband’s.  By the way, neither one of us eats like this all the time.   #nobannedfoods #nojudgementzone

I work in the truck so you can see a shot (lower left) of my “mobile office”.  I have my computer, paperwork, and books (options for business and pleasure) with me at all times. #roadwarrior

Lunch was at a cute diner in Bethleham, NH. Chicken salad with apples, pecans and balsamic for her. Burger and fries for him. I don’t pick my food based on “being better” than my husband.  I LOVE salad.  It is truly, one of my favorite things.  #BAS IMG_7933




After spending a little time at this really cool shop where a guy builds large sculptures out of old motorcycle and car parts (#ckoutoptimus), we continued on up Mt Washington, NH.  Did you know that Mt Washington holds claim to the worst (recorded) weather in the world?

We both grew up in Maine but neither of us had ever been up this mountain before.  As a person who studies clouds and weather, I found it fascinating!  Rime ice is amazing!!





We continued on, to Maine, after a snack on the mountain-side.  (Red velvet protein powder shake and watermelon – both from my cooler).


It was a beautiful day for a drive!!

Dinner was one of our typical “go-to”s:  Chipotle Mexican Grill.  I had a salad with either chicken or sofritas.  My husband gets a bowl with chicken and cheese.  There are many judgements about this choice too.  There’s a large faction that LOVES Chipotle because they are known for organic, non-GMO food.  There’s a large faction that HATES ChipIMG_7739otle because they are know for organic, non-GMO food and are; therefore, “feeding into fear mongering.”  We love Chipotle because the food is good, and we can put it together any way we choose.    #chipotlerocks #trysofritas


Here’s the final picture of these two day:  checking into our hotel in Augusta, ME.  Yes, that’s a Bud Light cooler.  I won it at the restaurant in Vermont 🙂


Tomorrow will be spent weeding the garden, cutting limbs, washing windows, and painting ceilings.  #worktodo



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  1. I love how you use photos to illustrate the story you tell of going to Vermont to help out your mother-in-law. You illustrate your values and talk about the different types of travel. Enjoyed it!

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback, Sue!!!

  2. What a fun blog. I loved your none judgement of how others eat, I am the same, I eat the good stuff and I don’t care what others stuff in – their choice.

    Chocolate factory absolutely!

    Where are you heading next?

    1. Good for you Jacqui!!! 🙂 I’m off to Seattle for my next trip.

  3. I hope you had a wonderful trip! Nice compilation of the pictures of your trip!

  4. Hello there. thankyou for this “Diary” of your week and food. Its looking yum and looks like a fun break away.

    Hope it was good travelling with your husband.

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