The Voice in my Head is a Liar

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My sister hates it when I do this but, yes, another video and
yes, again, without makeup





(a) My 90-minute yoga class is the only time I stop long enough to clear my head. I’m actually quiet.  I can actually think.  There are no competing  requirements.  It’s me.  My practice.  My thoughts.


(b) It’s 105 degrees in the studio and I work HARD for the entire time!! When I walk out, I am (absolutely, without question) a hot mess!!



(c) I assume you don’t follow this page because I’m a super model. Sorry, not sorry. I’m a real person and this is what I really look like – most of the time and on most days. I preach self-acceptance regardless of our body shape, height, weight or anything else. If I only talked to you when I had my hair and make-up professionally done, I would be a fraud.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 7.30.24 PM


Mindset Matters

(d) I have received several messages about mindset, over the last few days. I am thrilled!!!!!!!! Most of the messages want to know “how to fix mindset” or “how to be more positive” and while I’ve responded to those messages, individually, I also wanted to address it here.


There will be LOTS more coming out about this as I start my internship in January. I couldn’t be more excited.




In the meantime, to reiterate something my friend Paul said this morning, a mindset shift starts by questioning the status quo. Not just believing the first thought that pops into your head but determining whether that thought, that story, is actually true.


For example.  My alarm went off to get ready for class this morning and I thought, “I can’t go. I have too much to do. I’ll just go later or tomorrow.”

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 3.10.53 PM


Questioning the story:

Is it true that I “can’t” go or am I just thinking that because IF I go, I need to stop what I’m doing right now. I need to send this report within the next 5 minutes, as is. I need to finish this blog or put it on hold. I’m going to have to race over there….and I don’t feel like it?


The truth is, I had worked on the report for two hours already, it was done, although my perfection-seeking self wanted at least another 30 minutes to tweek.


The truth is, I can’t really go to the evening class because I have a webinar tonight. I can’t go tomorrow because they do not have a mid morning class on Wednesday. Thursday I’m flying. Friday I’m teaching. Saturday I’m flying. Sunday I’m flying and I’ll be gone for a week.


The truth is: I was feeding myself a line. That means it’s time to be accountable! I could go or not but I was responsible for the outcome. I sent the report, changed, and got to yoga 5 minutes later than I normally do but still 5 minutes before class started.


The truth about this video is:

I could have taken the time to come home, take a shower, eat, put on make up, write a script, practice, and reshoot the video but the emotion wouldn’t be the same. The authenticity of an open, honest, and completely vulnerable post would have lost something.


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