One Regular Person’s Regular Day of Regular Eating Day 1

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I received two separate phone calls this morning, asking about my diet and, more specifically, how they might begin to eat more healthy, too.  I was also recently reminded of how differently I tend to eat, compared to many people.  Not better.  Not more superiorly just differently.
Fact, is, I’ve been eating healthy for over 30 years now – not every day, not all the time, definitely not every meal, but pretty consistently..  I don’t think about it.  It’s not even that eating healthy is “second nature” to me.  It’s just something I do.
Pretty automatically for the most part.
That doesn’t mean I never eat processed foods.
It doesn’t mean I always eat organic, natural, from the earth, or anything even close to that.
In fact, it doesn’t mean “always” or “never” anything.

I’m just a regular person in a regular life eating regular food.

What may be different is merely some of the choices I make about my food.
Now that I have a break from traveling so much, I plan to get back to posting about mindset, nutrition (recipes/tips) and exercise!!!  To get started, and because of those phone calls, I want to show my diet over the next couple of days.  I will also explain why I’ve picked certain things.  Why?  Because I’d love it if you came to realize you can do this too!!  You really can.
==> Things to keep in mind
First:  I have no specific fitness goal right now.  I am not eating to gain but I am also not eating to lose.  I’d be happy to shed a little bit of this “extra” travel weight but I’m not actively chasing that goal.
Second:  This is merely how I am eating.  If you’re interested, fantastic!!  If you want or need help, please let me know.  But the reason for these posts is merely to show you … I am a “regular” person living a “regular” life eating “regular” food.  It does not have to be complicated nor super expensive.
Third:  I have no food allergies or limitations of any kind.  I am fortunate enough to be able eat whatever I want.  This is not a prescription nor a meal plan for any of you.
My personal priorities are protein, water, fruit & veggies but I eat from all food groups – including fats and carbohydrates.
MEAL 1   
Waffles: 15 grams protein powder, 3 egg whites, tsp cocoa nibs. Sometimes 1/4 cup oat flour (but not today).

Waffles: 15 grams protein powder, 3 egg whites, tsp cocoa nibs. Sometimes 1/4 cup oat flour (but not today).

Multi vitamin, extra iron, and Omega 3.
Pumpkin pie protein waffles topped with 1.5 tbsp peanut butter.  1 cup green grapes.
Coffee with 2 tbsp Bailey’s.  Yes, alcohol!!!!  Ah-va.  It’s 2 tablespoons and I like it, so…….
I will have one more coffee later today but that one will have unsweetened almond milk in it.
Why did i eat this?  Stating your day with a good serving of protein is critical.  It’s good for your body and it’s filling.  The Bailey’s and peanut butter are both fat.  The grapes are carbs.
Water.  Usually I drink my water plain, or with a little lemon squeezed in.  Today I felt like having some Mio.  I use one serving in a gallon of water.  That’s enough for me.  Yup, it’s processed.  Nope, I don’t care.
If the only way you can drink your water right now, is with flavoring in it, add some flavoring.
The point is “better” not “perfect” and water is always a better choice than other beverages.
  MEAL 2
Garlic, chipotle, tomato, chicken pizza

Garlic, chipotle, tomato, chicken pizza

I usually have to eat lunch out of my bag, at work.  Today I was home and took full advantage of the rare opportunity to cook.  I made myself a chicken pizza.
1/2 P28 protein flat bread onto which I put 1/2 tsp crushed garlic and 3 tsp chipotle vinaigrette (I love this stuff so always bring my extra home when I visit Chipotle Mexican Grill).  I topped that with 3 oz cubed, pre-cooked chicken (from my frig), some sundried tomato, and 14 grams mozzarella.  Brown in the toaster oven.
I do not deny myself treats but I do not eat them every single time they cross my mind either.  I only eat those things that I truly enjoy – not those that are just “so so”.  I keep these truffles in my freezer.  A serving is 3.  One satisfied my sweet tooth so that’s all I had.
People ask if I always measure my food.  I don’t always do anything (see the beginning of this blog) BUT, yes, I do sometimes measure my food.  How else do I know for sure how much I’m eating?  Relying on our mind’s ability to determine a “serving” is faulty at best.
Again, I’ve been doing this for a while so I do a fair job of eye-balling 3 ounces of chicken.  If you haven’t been doing it, measuring at first, can be a great way to start.  If you don’t care to weigh, you can always use your hands as a rough measure.
SNACK, PRE-WORKOUT…more protein & carbs

Vitamin C packet, 1 scoop Green Vibrance and 20 grams vanilla protein powder.

We didn't have a lot of groceries in the house so we headed to Chipotle for a salad.

We didn’t have a lot of groceries in the house (I just got home yesterday and Brent eats differently than I do, so we headed to Chipotle for a salad.  Lettuce, grilled onions & peppers, grilled chicken, tomato & corn salsa with half a vinaigrette dressing.  This meal provided protein, carbs, a little fat, and some veggies.



















I’ve never hidden the fact that my husband does not eat the same way I do.  We are adults.  I love fresh fruits and veggies.  The only green “stuff” he consumes is Mountain Dew.  I don’t judge him.  He doesn’t judge me.  We’ve been together for over 25 years.  We accept each other as individuals and do our own thing.

So….I had to go shopping.  Now I’m ready for tomorrow.



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