Mindfulness is Not “Just a Positive Attitude”

Debbie Hatch  |  Family & F.IT. 

I had no forethought to make this video last Sunday morning.

I didn’t plan it.

I don’t like myself on video.

I don’t have makeup on.

I haven’t had coffee or breakfast.

I brushed my teeth but, nope, I didn’t even brush my hair.

There are 99 reasons why I shouldn’t post this.


But there is one reason I felt compelled to tape.  There is one reason I fought my typical urge to analyze this before I hit post.  There is one reason I just did it…..

I have something to say

, and this….

This is me.




I’d love your thoughts.  Do you practice mindfulness?  Do you feel your emotions – whatever they happen to be.  Acknowledge them, and build in a few seconds to decide how to react?


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