Why Settle for Less?

Debbie Hatch  |  Family & F.I.T.  
Mindset Matters
Do you set goals for the New Year?
I don’t make “resolutions”.
But, I do make plans.
At this time of the year, I reflect on what I have accomplished over the past 11 months and what I want to do over the next 12.
i create a strategic plan for myself personally, and for my business.  I set specific goals for each area.
I do this simply because I am interested in so many different things!  There are countless options competing for my time, attention, and money.  It’s easy for me to lose focus if I don’t have a plan.  The fact is, when we say, “yes” to something, it means we have to say, “no” to something else.

Mindset has been a huge focus for me in 2015.  My health triad is Mindset Mostly, Nutritional Habits, and then Movement for a specific reason.  I’ve worked with enough people to KNOW….know…that mindset is the most important part.  I can help you with nutritional habits.  I can give you an exercise program.  I can talk to you about how to start your own business.  I can walk you through numerous “self-help” program.


None of it is going to work unless your mind is in the right place.


None of it is going to take hold unless you are ready for change.



…and, I am ready for change.  Mindset is going to be a bigger focus for me in 2016.  Several weeks ago, I decided to investigate a mentorship with Brian Grasso, CEO of the Mindset Performance Institute.  I provided my husband a list of things I was considering as investments.  Without telling him what I had decided, he also suggested the mentorship for me.  Clearly, that’s the right answer!


I was excited.


Then, it happened.  At quarter of midnight, last night, as I was completing the mentorship application, I began questioning the decision.  I began doubting myself.


The program is hard.

  • Can I do it?
  • Am I a good fit for this?
  • Am I good enough?
  • Should I wait until I have more training, or more experience?
  • Am I strong enough?
  • Am I authentic enough?
  • Will this really help me?  Will it help me to help others?
  • What if I fail?


The seeds had been planted.  Like it or not, they rattled around inside my head for a little while.  Should I just forget about it and leave this for a younger person, a more fit person, a person with more degrees or certifications, a person with more experience: a person that is more of something than I am.
I caught myself.  I called Bullshit.  To quote Brian:

I used to think I needed “more motivation to GET me going”.  Then I called bullshit and realized what I really needed was to do passionate things that KEPT me going.

I used to think I needed “more confidence”.  Then I called bullshit and realized what I really needed was less bullshit about me needing more confidence.

I decided to get out of my own way.  I can accept excuses and labels.  I can self-impose limitations. OR I can stand up, look directly into that face staring back from the mirror and say, “I AM GOING TO DO THIS!”  
I am doing the MPI membership beginning in January.  I’m signed up.  The application has been submitted….and I can’t wait!!
I am not going to settle for less when more is right there…..
How about you?  Where are you holding yourself back?  What one thing have you always wanted to do but been too scared to pursue?  Why don’t you get started on that – right now.

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