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You’re Not a Weekend Failure

Debbie Hatch | Family & F.I.T.

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I’ve received a couple of messages from people who struggled to stick to their goals yesterday. That’s not uncommon. Weekends tend to be more difficult for many people. You’re not in your typical routine. Things are less structured, etc.  We can undue all of the progress we made throughout the week in one weekend.


If you didn’t take care of yourself in the way you’d prefer yesterday; meaning it wasn’t in line with the goals you’ve set….

…we’re not going to say you “fell off the wagon” “were bad” or “failed”


Learn from it and get on with TODAY!!!


How do you do that?


1. Think, consciously about what happened yesterday.

2. Evaluate why you made the choice(s) you did.

3. Plan for how you might change your decision to be more in line with goals, the next time this situation happens (and it will).


For example:


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Were you super busy and you didn’t have time to eat?
– – Keep something in your purse or your car (all the time, so that it’s there when you need it).  I learned this in a hurry when I had a son playing football and a daughter cheering.  They were on different teams with different schedules.  Following sports, we’d have some type of scouting activity to go to.  We’d leave the house in the morning and not get home until late in the afternoon.

– – Things like a couple of ziplock baggies with a scoop of protein powder; some unsalted almonds and raisins (or cranberries); high fiber cereal; or protein bars (find a variety that won’t melt, will all work. Pure Protein fit the bill. I’ll be honest:  they are not the most tasty!!! They do provide nourishment though when you’re running on empty and don’t have time to stop and eat.



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Were you sitting around the house, so you ended up munching all day?

– – When you’re bored, it can be easy to eat mindlessly. Ask yourself, “am I really hungry?” Have a glass of water, go for a short walk, think about something you’ve had on your to do list you want to get done, and start working on that. If you’re going to snack, get out one portion of whatever it is. That way, even if you decide to have a second portion, you’ll know how much you’re eating rather than being on auto-pilot.




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Were you out with friends and you decided to have a drink or two?

– – So did I. I made a conscious choice though. I thought about what I’d done during the day and whether I really wanted a drink OR I was just going along with everybody else’s choice.

Personally I decided to order an IPA from a local brewery that I had not heard of before. I drank half of it but didn’t really like the flavor. Too grainy and too much of a hops taste. Not my favorite. As we sat there for a while – we were done eating and were just chatting – my husband said, “finish your beer so we can go” and I said simply, “I’m not going to finish it. I don’t really like it.”

** Here’s the thing. How many times do we pay for something at a restaurant and feel like we HAVE to finish it. I mean we paid for it…….
– – That beer cost me the same rather I drank the whole thing or I didn’t. We’re back to that “waste vs waist” concept I’ve talked about before. If I drank the rest of the beer, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it. I didn’t like it, AND then I would have consumed those extra calories merely so I would “waste $4”. Come on…… Where’s the reward in that?  I would have been drinking it out of guilt.


How do you undermine your goals on the weekend?  What do you struggle with?

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