What Are You Putting into Your Mouth? And Is It Worth It?

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I have to share what I consider to be a milestone (well, as I write this, I realize it’s actually two or three milestones) for me.

First, a little background. I love the way I look when I compete. I love curvy biceps and pumped shoulders. I love rounded glutes.  I love the shredded look. I love those things so much, that for years I have weighed and measured all of my food. I have obsessed over it. I have carried baggies of food into restaurants with me when I’ve met friends for dinner.

Do you know how exhausting that is? Every. Single. Day. In life, let alone with my travel schedule. I did it because I felt like I had to.  I did it because I had been told that if I wanted to be lean and look the way I like, that I needed to….and I believed that.

For the last month I have refused to weigh anything. I’ve carried my scale in my suitcase – I always do – but I refused to get it out. I have not eaten everything I see, nor everything I have a passing momentary craving for…but I have not eaten a specific diet either. If I wanted an apple, I ate it. I didn’t weigh it first. If I wanted ice cream, I had a little bit.


The biggest tip I ever give to my nutritional clients is this:

Before you put something in your mouth, think about it. Ask yourself one question. Is this, whatever it is, worth the calories?

If it is – eat it. Enjoy it. The smell, the taste, the texture. No guilt. No self-imposed hour long cardio session later to “make up for it”.

If it really isn’t worth it to you, why are you eating it?

So many times we engage in mindless eating. We put stuff into our mouths just because it’s there or out of habit.

Stop!  Think!  Then eat.


Don’t put a ban on your favorite foods.  That makes you want them even more and getting fit should not be a punishment.  All things are allowed but not all things are helpful in reaching your goals.


I have no idea what my macros (protein, fat, carbs) have been. That caused me a ton of stress (no joke) even a month ago.

MILESTONE 1:  Much of the stress has subsided as I have just trusted myself, listened to my body, and applied moderation.

Yes, I did carry food in my suitcase over this last month. I will always do that, for several reasons. First, I travel to many remote locations and there’s not always something nutritious available. Second, with my schedule, there’s also not always time for me to sit down to a meal. Many times I eat as I’m running through the airport, or while sitting on the plane. I like to be in charge of what I eat and I don’t want to be in a situation of being “forced” to eat a Big Mac merely because that’s the only thing conveniently available and I’m starving.

So after this month, what has the result been?

MILESTONE #2: I LOST, I did not gain, 4 pounds. I wasn’t trying to lose weight and I couldn’t care less what the scale says, anyway, but I did lose weight. I’ve been strong in my workouts. My mind is clear and I feel fantastic.

And here is the biggest, hugest (yes that’s a word!!!!!) thing.

MILESTONE #3:  I was talking to my husband last night and said, “I don’t have as many veins in my arms and my biceps are long and lean instead of bumpy (which I like). Maybe I should go back on a plan but I just don’t feel like it. I just can’t seem to make myself like the idea.” He said, “That’s because you know it’s not the best thing for you. You might not be as lean as you’d like to be but I think you look amazing. You look so much more healthy now than you did when you were competing.”

THAT made my day!!!! THAT made my entire week. I mean, who am I trying to look and be healthy for anyway?

Myself – check; and my husband – check.

Sometimes we do need a plan. Examples include when we are trying to attain the goal of losing fat, gaining muscle, competing, etc. Sometimes that’s important and during those times we need to track our food.

Sometimes we need to live our lives, apply some moderation, trust ourselves, and just find little ways to build healthy habits into our every day routines.  We all know that it’s probably better to eat a piece of fruit than a cupcake.  We know that eating until we are stuffed doesn’t even feel good – much less is it good.  We know that if we eat just mountains of fat and sugar, it’s not good for us.  We all know that if we move more, if we exercise, it’s better for our bodies and out minds.  Let’s just do more of that stuff!!!

Not dieting


Gi-normous shout out to my mentor, business coach, and dear friend JillFit Physiques​ for her inspiration to me in this area.

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