Add a Whole Month to your Life.

Debbie Hatch  |  Family & F.I.T. 



Thanksgiving is over.


Many of the leftovers have been consumed.


Black Friday has happened.


Many people are now preparing for their holiday season and waiting for January 1st before starting anything new.



Putting life on hold for the next 34 days, 817 hours, 49,053 minutes, 2,943,185 seconds.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 10.26.55 PM




Until NEXT Monday.


NEXT week.


NEXT year.



Only when…………


As for me.  I will not wait.  I have short term goals to accomplish over the next 34 days.  I have set one physical goal, one educational goal, one emotional goal, and two business goals.


What can you accomplish in 34 days?  How much closer to your goals could you be in a month?


What are you putting off that you don’t need to?


Tomorrow is a day in your life.


…and the next day, and the next day, and the next 34 days.



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  1. […] To be honest, I loved that the challenge happened at this time of the year when so many people start to shut down.  People give up on any goals or aspirations beginning November 1st.  Exercise decreases.  Food consumption increases.  Projects are hurriedly finished “before the holidays”, and nothing new is begun.  What this means, is that many just write off an entire two months of life! […]

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