Oct 15

3 Tips to Make Success a Little More Likely

Family & F.I.T. | Debbie Hatch As my husband and our mini schnauzer slept “in” this morning, I got up early to make a coffee and reflect on the past week. There were three lessons that I was reminded of and I’d like to share them with you.  Three things I think are applicable to …

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Oct 10

I Am Power(Ful)

Family & F.I.T.  |  Debbie Hatch   ** I spent the weekend, and half of today, at I Am Power – an annual empowerment and self-defense retreat for women hosted by Jarrett Arthur & Jennie Trower and Erin Brown.   Let me give you some background for how I, personally, arrived here.  In a nutshell, I was physically …

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Oct 01

I Have No Will to Fight

Family & FIT  |  Debbie Hatch   I saw a meme in my FB feed yesterday.  While I fully understand what they are trying to say, I disagree with the basic premise, so I’ve made some edits.   Yes, I have some scars. Who doesn’t?   Yes, I’ve been through some things. Who hasn’t?   …

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Aug 21

“Enjoying Yourself” Doesn’t Mean Eating to the Point of Being Miserable

Family & FIT  |  Debbie Hatch “I’ve been doing well on my nutrition but I’m going out to eat with my family on Saturday. I’m worried about it. How can I stay on track?” First. *** Enjoy time with your family. *** Talk. Laugh. Don’t worry too much about the food. Now, that doesn’t mean …

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Jul 30

All Bars are Not Created Equal

Family & FIT  |  Debbie Hatch I’ve seen vending machines that contain protein bars and drinks popping up in various gyms. This is great from the perspective of convenience. As is always the case though, it’s a good idea to read the label and be aware of what you’re consuming. I bought both of these …

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Jul 09

You Can’t Change What You’re Willing to Tolerate

Family & FIT  |  Debbie Hatch I want to talk about something that’s been weighing heavily upon my mind.  Personal responsibility. Specifically I want to talk about what we’re willing to tolerate, but also about giving ourselves (apparent) permission to just give up, and to lie to ourselves about it. Let me begin by giving …

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May 08

“I Could Never Do That” and Other Fallacies We Believe”

Family & F.I.T.  |  Debbie Hatch As a public speaker, I have been on the road an average of 200 days a year for the past twelve years. Unlike many business travelers, I go out into the local area. I see the sites. I check out restaurants, gyms, and local parks.  I drive a motorcycle …

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May 02

It’s Ok for a Super Hero to Scream, “Enough!”

Family & F.I.T.  |  Debbie Hatch Two different people asked me the same question today. “How do you make time for yourself? I’m struggling. It seems like somebody always needs something more (and more and more and more) from me.”   Oh, I used to be super-woman. I worked more than 40 hours a week, …

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Apr 11

Because Menstruation Itself Isn’t Enough

Family & F.I.T.  |  Debbie Hatch Do you get headaches at “that” time of the month?  I never used to but as I’ve gotten older, they’ve developed and will typically last for a full three days before dissipating.  It’s annoying and frustrating, especially given my travel schedule.  I don’t have the ability to call in …

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Apr 06

Let the Diving Begin: 1st full day in The Solomon Islands

Family & F.I.T.  |  Debbie Hatch     The Russell Islands are comprised of two small islands, and several islets, in the Central Province of Solomon Islands. They are located just over 29 miles northwest of Guadalcanal.  This was our first stop.         Travel Log:  Day  5  Russell Islands   The anchor dropped at …

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